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Board Member Compensation


RCW 52.14.010. Commissioners are entitled to $128.00 (as adjusted by inflation every five years with the next adjustment occurring January 1, 2024) per meeting “or in performance of other services or duties on behalf of the district.” The determination of what constitutes district business and “other services or duties” should be determined by policy of the board of commissioners. The statute places an annual cap of $12,288.00 on the amount of per diem that a commissioner may receive. A commissioner may waive all or a part of his or her right to receive the per diem if the waiver is made in writing, in advance of earning the per diem.

Commissioners are entitled to be reimbursed for necessary expenses incurred in attending meetings of the board or when otherwise engaged in district business. The board should adopt clear policies regarding the types of expenses and method for reimbursement of expenses.