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RFA Planning Committee

The RFA Planning Committee will meet throughout 2024 to prepare for the  official start date of the West Klickitat Regional Fire Authority Governing Board on September 30, 2024. 


  • The Planning Committee is comprised of  three  White Salmon City Council Members and three Klickitat County Fire District 3 Commissioners. These six indivduals will become the West Klickitat RFA Governing Board on September 30, 2024.
  • The sole purpose of the RFA Planning Commitee is to ensure the RFA Governing Board will have required resolutions and policies ready for adoption at their first meeting on  September 30,2024.
  • The Planning Committee will work with the Firefighters and Community Task Force members  to prepare for the RFA on topics such as operations and level of service.
  • The Planning Committee may adopt Sub Committes that will not constitute a quorum of the Planning Committee to work on specific topics and report back to the Planning Commiittee in Public Meetings.