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Guidelines for Submitting Public Records Requests

The Fire District is committed to providing the public full access to public records in accordance with the Washington State Public Records Act (PRA), referenced in RCW Chapter 42.56 and the Model Rules of WAC 44-14. The purpose of the PRA is to provide the public with full access to records concerning the conduct of government, mindful of individual privacy rights and the desirability of the efficient administration of government.

To request records please complete the aqpplicable forms;

PRR Form 2021.pdfPRR Form for Medical records 2021.pdf

Return the completed form to the District Secretary by one of the following methods;

  • email-  
  • USPS- PO Box 151 Husum WA 98623
  • Courier -200 Husum Street, Husum WA 98623

We will respond  within 5 business days of receiving the request.

We  process requests in the order in which they are received. We will keep you informed of our progress if the request can not be completed in 5 busness days.

Please clearly identify the record you are requesting. Should we need clarification we will need to contact you.

A copy of the Distrct Policy for Accessing Public Records is available here:

Accessing_Public_Records (3).pdf