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Levy Rates

Regular Levy

KCFD3 operates using funds levied by the county on property values in the district.

The operating budget each year is based on expected revenues from the levy. Each year, by law, we are allowed up to a 1% increase in property tax revenue over the previous year.

As property values in the district increase the levy rate decreases.

  • The current Regular Levy rate is $0.61 per $1,000 property value.
bar graph showing the levy amount and rates
Figure 1. -2017-2023 Regular Levy Amounts and Rate.  This graph shows the annual 1% lawful levy increase requested by the fire District and the levy rate to achieve that amount.



Excess Levy (Capital Bond)

KCFD3 has an Excess Levy for the Capital Bond that was voted for and approved by the constituents of the fire district in 2018. The district requires a levy amount that will cover the repayment cost of the Bond each year. The levy rate for the Bond has been decreasing as property values in the district increase.

  • The current levy rate for the Bond is $0.37 per $1,000 property values.
Bar graph showing tax amount and tax rate
Figure 2. Bond Levy amounts and Rate.This graph shows the levy amount requested each year and the rate to achieve that. 
Combined Levy Rate.

Properties in the fire district are taxed for the regular Levy and the Bond Levy.

The combined rate per $1,000 of property value is now $0.9855.

Bar graph showing taxes and tax rates